Friday, 11 October 2013

Short weekend project Part 1 & 2

This pack leader will be the short weekend project.
I have much to do and only a few days. Monday begins the new wave of Necrons!

This vengeance weapons battery will get in where it fits in.
The base coar was started with my Airbrush but finished with a wide flat brush and watered down paint. 2 or 3 very thin coats. 

Next week "The games begin" ! again!
I have roughly 30 days to put a huge dent into the enormous volume of  Necron miniatures that arrived this week.
Stay tuned for more pictures!

First 2 steps 
Primer with opaque black let dry.
Next base coat in thinned Coal Black.
I keep a botle pre mixed left over from and for this army.

Step 3 zenith spray Troll blood blue.
A Zenith spray will leave a area of the Coal Black much like a shadow at 1200 noon.
Let dry.

Step 4 wash miniature.
I use a blue/black wash I made based on APJ Less's recipe.
Found on his blog and on Dakka Dakka.

Next I just start to add the other colors to base cote the face and weapons but it's brush painting from here on out. Well, until it's time to paint the base. 

The base will be painted scorched brown the the skills will be painted bleached bone.
Agter that their will be a "over spray of brown over the base and on to his legs but all bellow the knees. after that grey will be sprayed in the same way.

I will get back to those steps when I get their and add pictures.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Next update here+

I use Magenta ink on both the plasma weapon and his skin.
The ink catches all the detail and is used like a wash but skin is reapplied and shaded . 
Leaving little of the ink seen in the crevices. 

More painting!

Things are coming right along now!
His skin tones , the black around his eyes and Yellow pupils. 
Even a rough blond color for hair!

But ....

By this time I had gotten out more inks.
A dark burnt umber. Washed onto the pelt, fur and tails.
Then found it's way to his hair. 
His mighty power sword. I couldn't find the next lighter silver I wanted to use. I did have some Neon Yellow on my pallet still.
So I cross hatched this onto his sword!
Kinda cool.
I have also lightly black washed his base.
More again shortly.

A short weekend project part 2

So the last project was done way too fast and I kept feeling like I should have planned more wolfie work.
So I though lets do it again!

Heres what we have to start with this time.

I finished up last night with what I regard as the easy parts done.

The black to brake up the armor color.

Still have a small amount of "easy work" to do.
The bases. 
I wish I had more bases cast, like the others my wolf guard are on but they did not turn out I think the plastic chemicals were kept too long.

Not much in the way of pictures left over from yesterday.

I did find these two that I built last time around.
Maybe they will get done this time.

I really like the way the plasma has come out.
A few more pictures to day and we will just have to see if I get them all done or not.
If not then theirs always next time.

I decided to call it quits earlier then planned today.
Which is fine. So as far as I felt like going this weekend.

Every one of them, all ten, are as far along as these.
Still a little way to go.
Stay tuned!

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