Thursday, 13 November 2014

It puts the paint on the Ork where it's told or it get da hose again!

The Ork Project has begun! This is the start of an interesting and challenging project. My returning client has sent me his OrK collection to paint and it's no small task.
I remain confident I can and will "geterdone" in a very timely manner.
Now. Let me say My client is a very strong painter. No really. I don't know who he learned from, and I really need to ask, but he's no slouch. ( Slouch. That's a good word. You never hear that one anymore...)

So the task is to try and match his paint style. Not the task he has asked me to take on, not exactly.
He sent some models as examples! And I am very impressed! He sent me some pictures of his Tau and again. Impressive! I thought it was important to explain that he sets the standard when it comes to this kind o project.

See! he even painted the stones on the base!

It's taken a little bit to get the right colors. I think I have a close match for the colors he used for
( His) orks skin!
But this is what I have come up with so far.
Again his nob
My test model and his nob.

And I'm now at 10 Ork boys with skin very close to 
the same as the Nob.
The three colors I am using are.
Scurvy Green - Game Color
Jade Green - Game Color
Foul Green - Game Color
(In that order)
I'm sure to use a few washes as well.

These are still wip and took a little time to do.
Now that I can see where I am trying to go I think I can get there fairly quickly.

So, I hope your all as excited to see how this turns out!
I know I'm happy and excited to get stuck in!

Thanks for looking!


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  2. Steve, those are looking good. It's hard to tell in photos but those colors are darn close. It's really good since the colors I used were discontinued. The conversion paint chart you sent was pretty handy and I will be using that as several of my armies I have not finished because many of the paints GW discontinued.

    Thanks for the compliments on the orks as it pains me not to finish them myself. Ian just so time limited that I had to choose the four armies I would complete myself which are my Tyranids (my favorite), my Emperor's Shadows (Space Marines and Inquisition) and my Imperial Guard and Zombie Guard.

    I have been toying with starting my own blog. What do you use and is it free?

    Thanks again and I'm looking forward to finally seeing my orks done.

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