Thursday, 12 February 2015

And....the week is over! ( Where did it go!)

What a crazy week! This week has just flown by. I don't know for sure what I have even done.
The list so far.
Based and primed. Working on the ruble and junk idea. It's a work in progress.
Primed and based 10 shoota boys, 1 Boy with Rocket, 5 Nobs, 1 War Boss, a Mek and 4 lootas as well.  These are all ready for paint. The Killa Kans have some Metallic started.
Building up the bases on 2 Meks with KFF,1 with SAG, Snikrot and a cool Nob/Boss with his arms folded. Still working on their bases.

The scrap launchers came in but are still in the bag at this point.

I am also Starting to paint the clothing, armour and weapons of all the Nobs, some 30 or 40 of them...Too many to count! I expect next week to be a lot like this week. I plan to base all the deff Koptas and prime those bases. I am also hoping to get started on the Stompa on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. 

Thanks for reading! More to come! 

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