Friday, 20 February 2015

I took the whole week off?

Looks like I took the week off and have done nothing with my time.
It's been cold rainy crappy weather the shops too cold.Primer isn't happy when it's cold, neither is glue. I worked on a model I got used last year a really beat up Deff Dred and I started to build my 6 plastic killa kans I got in trade, also from last year. I'm a bit disappointed with the week not being a planed week off. So those plans will have to wait for another time. I have a lot to do next week.
And I am planning to get a game in next Saturday. Maybe against Space Wolves.

I guess I'll end this with some pictures of that Deff Dred.
This guy was covered in Mill Putty. Some one ws doing...lord know what to it. It had an Ogre Kingdom head stuck on it. I got this sight unseen, picked up for me by a friend, from a gamers Flea Market last year. It was missing bits, as you'd expect.
I found Dred bitz on ebay and scooped them up.

After starting the Killa Kans for the commission I though I should texture the base just the same as those Kans.

Looks like a hat!
The whole top/front was chewed up and covered with putty. So I found parts to cover it up and look...more correct.

That arm was really glued together and I couldn't do to much with it at all.

Base coated brown!

I really like the added Green. I also tried to paint this one the same way I painted the other Dred from a few years ago.

That Grin says it all!

The Big shootas were chosen, bought in my bitz order, just because with 6 dice he may actually get 2 or 3 hits and maybe cause 1 or 2 wounds. which feels he's doing something...other then missing his shots!

did you notice the blue paint sneaking in?
His banner pole skull had a blue stripe of war paint, just like the head/face bit.

The plate dangling at "crotch level" is from a Battle Wagon kit.
I added that just to add the appearance of bulk to the model.

The right arm is from a Killa Kan the ball socket is smaller then the larger Deff dred army, upper arms. I added a little Green stuff.

And that's about it. He's ready to stomp off and Krump gitz.

More madness to come!
Thanks for looking!


  1. You definitely had to have had been an ork in a past life because it's in your blood. I really like the scratches and the green on the face, it looks like it's seen some shtuff. It almost looks like you did source lighting on the magenta there, did you?

    1. Well... Maybe?
      If you are referring to the eye bit, that's actually a Createx Fluorescent color called Flourescent Raspberry. It's air brush paint. Just painted over white like you'd apply a wash and left to dry. The model was base coated with Apple Barrel Burnt umber, I like to work over a dark brown when I use reds. Next it was kinda sponged with a light rust color followed by reds. I am using Burgundy, I think another Apple Barrel color. The scratches are just silver and black lines. I also used some washes mostly just craft paints really thinned down black and Burnt Umber again. I really like this "method" it's hard to mess it up and look dead ard' .
      Heck maybe your right.

  2. I think what's impressing me the most is just the placement of each color, things like the scratches and rust just kind of all seem in the right place, rather than randomly scattered.

  3. Thanks. they rust is started then the red is added, then I go back and add more rust. the scratches I put where I think the parts would take stress and damage during "operation".
    Along the top I have lines that imply glances scratching while being deflected in "random" directions. the big thing with the light rust is to apply it lightly several times and don't worry about it looking messy, that's the point and I can always go back and add in more reds. There are actually two reds I use. the brighter red looks newer so I use less of it. the duller/lighter red helps it look faded or sun beaten. really the big this is it was poorly painted by grots in fear for their lives. do a bad job get eaten. Do too good of a job.....get eaten...