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2015! Game two! 2000 points Orks V Space Wolves!

2000 point game! Game two for 2015!

The list so far.

 Gorgak's Green tide!
 4 Nobs with power klaws!
10 boys with rockits! 86 boys wiff choppas ans T-shirts!
 GorGak , Masta uv da tide!
Power Klaw, Boss pole and combi Scortcha

 CAD detachment. battle forged- (BRB detachment)
 Pain Boy.
Big Mek with KFF, big choppa

2X Grot Mobs base cost for base sized Mobs! ( Objective secured! those gits)
2X Burna Boy Mobs 2/3 Burnas to Meks.. (Or Meks to burnas...)

1X Lootas Mob, 10 lootas
1X Morkanaut, Armor plates, Grot gigga and KFF
1X Gorkanaut, Armor plates , Grot rigga

Space Wolves Army List

The Wolves of the Red Banner
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf mount, Black Death, Helm of Durfast, Storm Shield
Rune Priest, ml 2, Armor of Russ

2x10 Grey Hunter Packs
1x10 Blood Claw Pack
1x10 Blood Claw Pack with Stormwolf Transport
1x4 Thunderwolf Cav
1x5 Long Fang Pack with 4 Missile Launchers
1x1 Predator Deimos Tank

Vlka Fenryka vs Orks

The Rout of Fenris combat the Orkish Green Tide.

Game size 2,000pts
Mission 1 Maelstrom · Updated on Saturday
Table view

Wolf Deployment

Ork Deployment

Orks - My deployment was too conservative. I had barely even glanced at the models Kieran had set out and was worried about him shooting down my guys. which also worked out well for him and not so well for me?
Wolves - well your list would have been made prior to me putting out models, so that shouldnt have impacted much.
With you deploying first, I actually thought I deployed too aggressively. My deployment had the Long Fangs and the rear Grey Hunter pack have little to no impact on the game.

Ork Deployment

Wolf Reserves

The Green Tide moves forward

The Green Tide moves forward

The Wolves begin to cautiously move forward

The Wolves begin to cautiously move forward

End of Turn 1
2 rounds of Ork shooting makes a dead Pred
Wolves - yea, that was a bummer.
but the Plasma Destroyer and 2 Heavy Bolters doing 10 wounds and 7 kills to the lootas was HUGE for me.

Blood Claws flee from Shooting and leave the table

The Wolves abandon caution and advance towards the enemy

The Wolves abandon caution and advance towards the enemy...........

The Ork tide sweeps around the table with 2 Gorkanauts swinging wide

Jarl Kjaran Coldheart decides to say goodbye to restraint

The Thunderwolves crest the hill into the Green Tide

The Thunderwolves crest the hill into the Green Tide. And a Gloriouscombat ensues!

The rear view of the Green Tide reacting the thunderwolf threat

View of the table

View of the table

View of the table

Jarl Kjaran and his retinue halt the Green Tide

The Ork machines prepare to engage the flank of the Rout

The Wolf vs Ork slain pile

The Thunderwolves lock into combat...

while the Green Tide continues to consolidate into combat

The Stormwolf arrives on Turn 3 to strike at the Gorkanauts...dropping one but only shaking the other.

whiling unloading the Bloodclaw pack to claim the Objective and finally score a point

Jarl Kjaran's combat against the Green Tide continues

The Thunderwolf Pack Leader kills the Warlord of the Green Tide in a single round of combat!

Orks - This was an unexpected upset. relying on 5+ FNP and failing all three needed saves. Arg! Nothing to be done about it. And I'd probably do it again.
Wolves - Personally, I wouldnt if I were you.
My guy strike first with 4 attacks, as WS 4. thats my hardest hurdle.
Any hit is a S6 Ap3 re-rollable wound. 

With his 3++ invul save, and the 4+ feel no pain from endurance and your Warboss being S8 due to enfeeble, its just too risky

The Tide crashes to a halt against the fury of Fenris. Only one wound is dealt to the Thunderwolves.

The surviving Gorkanaut turns to deal with the Blood Claws that just arrived
Orks - this was a strange case. I had thought all I had to do was make contact with the hull of the Storm wolf transport. That would have let me contact both the Blood claws and the transport. Turns out I had to make base contact with the transport. This was one thing I would have changed. I would have left the squad alone to krump the transport then try to chase down the squad.. Or any number of other ..better ideas. This cost me the Gorkanaut.

Wolves - trust me, if it was the hull and not the base I wouldnt field the Wolf Cadillac.

Yea, between shooting and combat, the Blood Claws are wiped from the field
Orks - Rampage! the Gorkanaut is on a Rampage! And there were no survivors!
Wolves - as the infamous Jar Jar said, "Ouch time"
Orks - As much as it "sucks" when you loose a big expensive vehicle..when they explode!, These Nauts will be seeing the table as often as I can fit them in!
Wolves - I would field them as much as possible. They are scary. I almost wish the Wolves had something as scary as them in our Codex.
(I know Knights exist, but that means allies. Kjaran dont need no help)
Orks -  I can't wait to get my Kan wall up and running again! I also am glad the wolves don't have anything as killy as the Nauts. My tide wouldn't ever stand a chance!
Wolves - As I field my Wolves, I dont know what I would do to face the Kan wall. I believe that would be more armor than I could handle before they hit me

The Green Tide surges forward, pulling down 2 of the Thunderwolves ...

and wounding the last Thundwolf. Jarl Kjaran continues to kill 7-8 Orks a turn

The rest of the Tide arrive...

and now Jarl Kjaran fights alone.

Taking a single wound, Jarl Kjaran continues to reap the Ork horde

The game ends, with Jarl Kjaran taking a single wound and locked in combat with the remnants of the Green Tide

Jarl Kjaran calls out his next foe.
Orks - Epic.
Wolves - Jarl Kjaran should cause Fear to all Orks. I think Kjaran killed around 63 orks of the Green Tide alone

Wolves -that math is based on him doing 7-8 wounds per turn, from Turns 2.5 to the end of Turn 6. I think 7 wounds per combat phase for a total of 14 per turn, and 7 for the half of turn 2 when I charged (so 14x4 for 56, and then 7 for my charge at the end of turn 2 bringing another 7)

wait, he got the mek who ate up 1 wound, so 62 orks or thereabouts 
Orks - Maybe fear to the Grots. The boys on the other hand. Love the fighting part!
 Wolves - I think this sums up Jarl Kjaran's actions last game:


The Orks are too maddened to flee but unable to harm the Wolf Lord

The Wolf Deployment zone

the Ork deployment zone

The Stormwolf, fresh from destroying the last Gorkanaut, screams into the Ork Deployment zone to claim Line Breaker

Turn #-----------Kieran------------------Steve


Final Score
Kieran: 9
Steve: 5


score sheet Kieran
1- Objective 3
2- nothing

3- nothing
4- Slay the Warlord, Objective 5, Psychological Warfare
5- Kingslayer (1...fucking d3 rolls)
6- Line Breaker, Assassination, Hold Your Ground (2)

score sheet Steve
1- nothing
2- First Blood (Deimos Pred), Assassination, No Prisoners
3- Objective 1
4- nothing
5- Blood+Guts
6- nothing
Wolves - 

 I cannot overstate just how retardedly stupid the combination of the Rune Priest's Endurance and Enfeeble was.
it made the orks all -1 S and T. This meant I wounded easier and their return blows were largely negated. Those that went through (and the po
wer claws) were all going against the 3+/3++ of the Thunderwolves backed by the 4+ Feel No pain of Endurance.

The Tide should have washed over the Thunderwolves on 2-3 rounds of combat by sheer volume, but by weakening their hits and buffing my saves, they last 4.5 turns of combat against a numerically superior foe.

That shoudnt have happened, and most likely never will again. I'll treasure that fight

Orks - Once you changed dice... They were working really well for you. You played your list very well, I thought. And I agree, it was hateful.
Wolves -  I'm a ill frustrated with my deployment, as I largely negated the impact of the Long Fangs and 2nd Grey Hunter pack
Orks - Yes that's true. But even with your deployment as is, it was a good set up in case the stars had aligned and all your TWC were eaten by angry green skins. Also you did have that huge height advantage with your long fangs. You could have moved them later in the game to grab more Objectives or just to scoot forward and still been safe.

We had some time to review the game after it ended and we agreed that the combination of power his rune priest was using every turn really did the trick for the space wolves. I was so fixated on what was going against me in a very flashy way, the enfeeblement, that I neglected to see how much endurance was helping the TWC and in truth hurting the tide more.
Lesson learned. ? ? ? I hope so!
We also talked about new list ideas I want to try. He's all for fighting several Green tides. I really want to field a second tide with 10 big shootas. Ah, who am I kidding I want to field three of them!
The only other misstep I am sure I made was with the Gorkanaut not assaulting the Stormwolf transport. The blood lust was up after all and assault proved to be powerful as he wiped out a squad of Blood claws. At first I though I could assault both the transport and the squad. Turns out I have to contact the base and not the hull of that vehicle when assaulting. (bummer. )
Over all that may have still been the better choice. Maybe next time...

I think I keep meeting the same Nid player at that shop.. I am sure I have told him I don't partake in tournaments anymore at least 3 times now.. I think he wants to ave' a go at da boys...
Maybe in a few months. I think this is game two for the year so I'll need a few more before I play a far more knowledgeable player. Don't want to look like a Git.

Thanks for reading. Hope it was entertaining.
Admin notes.
Pictures by Kieran Mulkearns
The Shop we played our game at is FLGH in Jacksonville FL. You can find them on Face Book here... https://www.facebook.com/FriendlyLocalGameStore
Thanks again for reading!

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