Friday, 27 March 2015

Getting stuck in again.

It's been two long weeks of work arounf the propperty and until this week all I achieved was bringing all the models I was working on inline with the ones you've seen in my last Ork commission post. Well, not all. Not exactly. I also painted all of their eyes and finger nails and did some touchups as well. But you've seen those.
This week has been very good, finishing up with the above, and getting started on ..wait for it... Wait for it...

 More Orks!

Yep, I've still got it.

Picture time!
Just getting started again I think I really missed the boat in that lase...several hundred.
I skipped a few things, thinking loads of progress was what I wanted, but it was all for not as I had to revisit them all..3 times. so, ya. wont be doing that again.
Lesson learned!
Good training, Good training..

This boss does not approve of extra work!

He's making sure I don't spend too much time muckkin about..

This boss arrived without a head! but I had one for him!
it's from my first 3rd edition Metal WarBoss!
Looks good on him! 

The eye's are.
white, then painted Glory Red. Vallejo Game Color.
Lookd really good on Da' lads.
This boss had huge eyes!
And a blurry picture of boys and bosses. base coated and standing in line for paint!
The oll' "Hurry up and wait!"

So we're back and things are going. I am working a little slower right now but I'm also trying not to make more work for myself and have part of my brain box cooking over how to do the muddy bases.
I find if I just put the thought in there and leave it alone for a while everything becomes clear.
I discovered that ...last year? Who knows how long I've been doing that and hadn't noticed.
Thanks for reading!

Note to Sean.
Could you forward our emails to my new address? I don't have access to your spreadsheets.
Thanks in advance!

More pictures!

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