Friday, 17 April 2015

Nob, Big Meks and Bosses

Things are moving along again. 
These pictures were taken earlier this week. There are 6 more warbosses left to paint. they are started but that's about it right now. I spent most of the last two days working on the Killa Kans. I like them more now but I think I am having trouble with the paint.  All kinds of brush strokes in it. I'm still working that out. 

I like this Nob the most. He's got just about every color from the pallet on him.
I really like that he's all over the place but I think that it works very well.
I keep thinking of the art from the old free booters book. And the colors are in a way kinda second edition. these Orks like to have fun while they fight. But they aren't clowns.

I love these guys. 

Still working on Snir Rot. He's coming along.

Cleaned up this boss a bit.

The colors seem to add depth. I like that. 

Still working on the Shock attack gun Mek. 
Starting the arms and gun.

Still working on the arms and guns for the lootas as well.

Working on Snick Rots Ruck Sack.

The 6 warbosses. I want them to look good so I may paint each of them one at a time.

These guys took a few days. I think it was time well spent.
(I need more of them myself )

Thanks for reading.
Killa Kans next post.

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