Friday, 6 March 2015

A two week update.

 This is a two weeks update kind of post. The weather cleared up and...
The stompa is partly primed and has a metallic coat of paint, still needs assembly but this will help get things going. Lots of infantry sized models and warbosses have their base coat for the skin started. A little red started on the killa Kans. Deff Kopta bases started 9 of them so far. Lots of drying glued texture. I am taking my first look at the looted vehicles in the tuff box. tow looted rhinos. I'll think about them for a few days before I do anything to them.
The best part is that I am now getting to the end of the tough box. Still to come, Some Big Guns. And then the Red Box...

Last Thursday I went to Hobby Lobby. I picked up some realistic water effects and some Texture gel.
I'm not sure exactly how but these will be the base for the wet mud effects I am planning.
I have been spending a few days picking out the details on the Nobs. My thoughts now are to continue back through all the Ork boys I have been painting so far and put in the last details ( Which will include their eyes.) And finish up their bases. I still have a week or two's worth of base coated models in the shop. I've hit a doldrum and am trying very hard to star on task. I have a lot started but not really beyond base coated in the shop and then.. the Red Box.
I've glanced in but have left that box more or less alone. I think I am close to 2/3rd's down. Or at least I will be in a few weeks.

Saturday I am headed off to the Game shop for a scrum. Which was a blast! It's good to play a game , releave some stress and reset my mind.
This week I am back into the big pile of Ork Boys that you've seen before

After. Gloves, wrist bands, hairsquigs, rings teef's.  It makes a difference !

And am still plugging away at them I've needed easy and productive work. I'm not ready to mess with the models in the shop this week. But I want to be productive.
I have to say I really like the way these guy look. I know some of the color choice may seem a bit funny but I've been trying to ....Keep it "mad max." By which i mean there are no rules. I don't want them to look ridicules. Every Ork is an individual onto him self. So think of it as This is how the Ork wants to look to express his ness. Orkyness. And if you don't like it.. I'm sure he's up for a fight about it. Plus extra colors look good. I think they help the "Pop!" factor.

If I'm honest these guys are cooler then mine, well easily as cool as mine. I like them.
I'm still looking for the right red color for their eyes. I'm also in the air about the washes I want to use to finis them up. Like a dark blue/green.

Thanks for reading!  

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