Saturday, 21 March 2015

Game number 5 for they year!

2500 points Imperial Guard " Dammit"  VS  WAAAAGH! GORGAK!
The IG and Savage Greenskins net in an early morning raid for scraps.
Or in low in imperial terms..objectives.
The IG arrived mounted in transports and escorted by the elite Scyons. their mission must not fail.  Or some one may get a bad report written about them and we all know that means a trip to the Commissars office...
And no cookies for a month!!!!! Zounds!
The simple mindedness of the orks determined to meat their foe for a good scrum, regardless.  The weedy grot will grab da loot while we have a good oll' time fightin! Dat's da plan!..Dat's always da plan...

We played eternal war mission one. we had 5 objectives. we chose deployment zones that seemed to best fit the table. long edges.
The Imperial Guard deployed first, chose to go first and the orks failed to steal first turn.
Nandys army brings the pain. But the Orks are tough and can take a beating...

Orks deployment.

Behind the Imperial Guards deployment.

Storm troopers deepstrike in behind the gorkanaut to hit it with melta.

All of the Imperial Guard reserves arive.

^The Green tide moves forward. they shoot and miss with 8 rockits on turn one.

22 orks are killed on turn one 19 on turn two and 7 on turn 3.

3 Grot mobs arrive. those mobs and the burnas from the Gorkanaut kill the storm troopers!  

Grots cheer as storm troopers flee!

The Mega Nobs assault the vet squad with the Imperial Guard warlord and the wyvern squadron.

One of the wyvern explodes! the Nobs kill sever vets but they hold!

The Morkanaut and the green tide also assault on turn two!
They are assaulting Pask and the demolisher. ( they are a squadron)

The vets in this Chimera know they may well be next on the menu...
But what to do!?!?! 

The Assaulting Morkanaut destroys the tank squadron!
They both explode! KA-BOOM! the explosion kills a few Orks from the Green tide who were standing too close!

At this point the battle is lost the commanders and officers have been chopped up or gunned down!
The day is lost!

The imperial navy will have their parting shots. For the Honer!

The sentinels have held the Mega Nobs as long as they could the Mega Nobs are over joyed for a goof fight! Laughing as another sentinel explodes!

The finals score was Orks 4 to Imperial Guard 1.
Imperial forces earned line braker
Orks forces took one Objective, first blood, which was earned on turn two, warlord...due to Ork fire power..., and line breaker.

We had a nice afternoon and a fun little match. 
The imperial list seemed strong and shooty but the Orks proved to be too durable. 
The last charges made the game for me. the MANZ, Morkanaut and the tide all launched assaults! The MANZ were my :sure thing" but the Morkanaut and tide had to charge much much further and through Difficult terrain! 
To all the Ork players out there I recommend charging early and often! My green tide will be dropping their rokkits the next time they face the Imperial Guard. No reason to encourage them to muck about..

Thanks for reading!

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