Saturday, 2 April 2016

More Ork wip

The loot pile is starting to look smaller now! Over these last few weeks I've finished a painting a mob I started over a year ago and am starting yet another! And if that wasn't enough I've just got in another Gorkanaut as well! all base coated brown and ready for rust!

With the rerelease of WAAAGH Ghazghkull my "army" is changing. The new format, in this case all the additional formations and the WAAAGH Band detachment, has me looking at filling in the holes, plugging the leaks and getting ready for another battle!

While I can see the WAAAGH band having it's place I'm still not in a hurry to use it. it's not overly exciting at all. It's full of ...rules that aren't Ork friendly. Sure Orks can maybe land an assault on turn one now but I think there are a few actual issues with the detachment that weren't thought about not just in the "special rules" portion but in the actual army construction. The Ork Horde is revisited from the Ork codex and now in W!G but it's full of limiting factors. ( In my opinion)
The largest to me being only 6 mobs strong. Yes in all it's 10 units ( If I  Recall) But from there your forced to either double down or take one of the other core formations all of which are very limited in the number of units, let alone number of useful units.

So then it would seem to me the WAAAGH Band is more about letting you use the few compulsory units you have and all of the auxiliary units you might own. ( All the toys from the box!)
I think that's where the strength will be found. For me that's aircraft squadrons and other formations and some units stuffed into the 10 available slots. 
However, I am not sure that this is good or bad yet. The fact, yes it's a fact, that you may only take one command per core is very off putting to me. This is the opposite direction of the Ork codex, Ork horde FOC detachment. 
Where you have access to 3 HQ's and 3 troop choices are mandatory.
Now we are restricted to one painboy, Big Mek or Warphead. While it might be more "fluffy", I feel it really takes power away from the Orks in a massive way. Those three characters buff the Ork army and picking just one is near on pointless to even bother with for all the good it might do. 
after much deliberation I can only see the painboy being of use and only if and when you have that one unit you really want to keep up. Again, this is where not having more boys available in the core formations feels like a really bad idea.
 Or maybe it's just me. I'll figure it out.
(The Boss is determined to sort it all out)

Ah, but Let's don't forget some wip pictures.

Look as all da Dakka!
Ahhhhhh look ad all dat Dakka! 
Nope, Needs more Dakka!

 And a short video.

Thanks for lookin!
More Mayhem to come!

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