Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sharpen those teeth!

So first game in nearly 2 months! All I can say is WAAAAAUGH! ORKZ!
Nuff said. na really it was a good fun game vs the grey knigits and only 1000 points to boot.
something like 93 on 14.. not overly fair but they were less scary that I had been led to the inter net.. HA.
The dredknight seems scary until its killed by ork boyz. So ya it could own some troop types and it isn't to be taken lightly but everything sooner or later gets draged down.

from the sound of it my opponent has not played in quite a while. So good for me a stress free game and as it turns out a stress free gamer as well. I will enjoy playing this one again ..don't know his name but the silly one up'smenship was enjoyable and the dice were not kind to me (which is why I ran so many guys!) but even when he lost he was a good sport (which he said he would be.)
So a good evening. Sadly I was regretting not having my wolves with me. bad me.
But looks like I am back to rolling dice.
maybe the orkz should get another game in tomorrow? .. well see.

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