Sunday, 17 April 2011

yet another Space Wolves update.

loads done in this last 2 weeks sorry if I am behind a little from my posting on Sundays declaration.
But things that have not been done are moving along very quickly! Some of you may know I like land speeders and fewer still know that I have 9 of them that I keep saying I will paint and "finish" ..and have yet to do....
Until now!
Thats right! 6 painted so far and thats not all!

I also have 6 rhino painted!
large flat spots are not really an easy thing to paint I use a light blue over a dark blue/black so the contrast on large areas can be a bit much. In fact the light blue seems silly or to make the vehicles seem less threatening. which just wont do! So after many months they are nearly done as well!

Ah but theirs more!
My land raiders which are relics from 2 other armies over several years also have paint!

and lastly the ever dreaded Storm Raven!
The youngest in my collection is also in par with the others!

Not much left for this army. That is as far as collecting goes! Still have several painting decisions to make and execute.

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