Thursday, 20 March 2014

Necrons. Nuts and bolts (Couldn't think of a good title.)

It's Monday and work started before 0900. Lots of good progress so far today. Some of these units have so many option( And I am painting them all!) that it can seem like a lot of work on the table.
 Today I felt a order to the chaos and a plan of attack formed , so far so good!

Tuesday I expect to be a little slower. I have a black wash to apply and dying time for that before I can more ahead with more painting.


It's Tuesday!
And it's slow. Today I put the silver metallic and later the black wash on the blades. Drying time.
I have been rounding up the little bitz that still need paint, from primer to colors. Wednesday will be an off day (A friend is driving down for the day and bringing me loot!) so I am setting myself up for a powerful Thursday. I am also cleaning paint brushes today and will likely clean the airbrush as well.
 even with a slow day I am happy that everything is on track!

 Slow start today. But I am pleased that the progress id noticeable!
I am excited to be nearing the end, it's been a good but some times challenging road.

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