Friday, 28 March 2014

More Necrons! getting near the end!

Work started on Tuesday this week.
 Working on the aircraft!

Ghost Ark parts!

A few small parts that I need to paint to finish up some of the models.

I spent a lot of time working on the Night Scyths/Doom Scyths today.
I am trying to have them done by the end of this week.

After that I plan to spend a day or two building everything that is left to build and that will set me up to get back to painting and finish up. I am waiting for everything to be painted to do a final QC on the miniatures and then spray top coat.

I am very excited to get-r-done.
I have a TAU project coming up that should be very quick.

I am ending the week priming a lot of small parts and will be basing flight stands in the evening.
I will have a busy weekend wrapping up as much as I can before next month.
I am excited to be so close to the end but I don't want to rush and ruin any models. 
You know what they say about Time and Money!

Thanks for looking!

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