Friday, 4 April 2014

Necrons! weekly report!

I know that in the last few posts I have said how close to being done I am getting.
 And the count down continues!
  Today is starting off very good with the painting of the C'tan formerly known as the nightbringer.
 A prince joke? wtf...

 But it's going my way this morning!

Just have the base left to paint.

 I started to build the Wraiths over the weekend. So far it is slow going but I will get their.
 My goal is to be able to prime them by Tuesday evening. They will paint fairly quickly! And painting is the easy part!
It's Wednesday. The first four colors are on the Wraiths and just a few related parts left to prime.
Have a look!

I want to use more purple but I think it came out a little too light. The darker the better
when it comes to base colors. the glow will lighten up the colors but I still have some work to do before I start the glow process.

Thursdays progress.

I will be finishing these guys up today.
As a teaser let me say I primed two Cron Supper heavies yesterday!

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