Friday, 11 April 2014

Necrons tie up those loose ends!

So here we are, right at the end!  The top of the mountain! The top of the heap!

 So where to start? Well...  These big guys are fairly easy to build. But they are very large and that changes "the game" when it comes to color. Too large a color change goes from sweet to tacky quick!
 I wanted one of them to look like a burning sunset on the mountains. But it was not to be. I did get to use a lot of colors! I had to really think it over after my first idea didn't work out very well. We're on the clock at this point.

Close to the last WIP pictures now.

The C'tan above and below are the same miniature.
For what ever reason he doesn't like to show up in pictures the way he really looks.
I think this has to do with the Neon colors used.

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