Friday, 12 December 2014

Happy holiday schedule.

Just a few things this week. I have managed yet another 30 models painted to the 8 color wip I have shown before..several times before...
It's been a busy week and of that 30 I relly only managed 15 this week. I had a head start on the other 15 from the week before. I will add a model count so we can see how many models are this far along.
I think we have about 60 more slugga boys to go. then the shoota boys and nobs and..well everything else.

My count come to 92 painted to the 8 color wip.

Lastly for today.
This is the last scheduled post for the year.
I will still be working on the project but in low gear, like half days or day on day off.
Lots of family and Holiday activities this time of year.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas !
We'll be Back!

Thank you for reading!

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