Friday, 19 December 2014

Unscheduled post.

Where to start. Ah! Here we go. We have finally sold the house in Tennessee and as of to day are out of Debt. Well, we still have some small bills just like everyone else but No more House Notes!
It's been hard to focus on anything. So much Stress and then so much happiness.

As for my Studio painting I am still working although not much this week. The good news is 4 more Slugga boys need skin and then I will shortly be on to everything not slugga boy.
It's a slower pace this week but this was in a way expected.

I have begun to plan out next year. My friend has asked me to teach him to paint. He has painted off and on for years but never had a natural knack for it. I am hoping that we can set up a painting group that meats every other month. I am trying to decide how best to tech him and how to help him get the most out of anything I try to teach him. I'm shooting for a nice table top quality miniature as our goal.
He's a gamer first and foremost. I will be very pleased for him to paint his own army for a change.
I will be looking through my old White Dwarf issues for painting articles to help build my "classes"
At this point I am worried that it sounds like I am some kind of expert painter guru kinda guy.
Nar Boss I'm Just a Ork...Orkin it up!

And on the terrain front, I am looking to expand my Jungle scenery this year and am very excited about it!  This year I am planning to add some Lava! and some very tall grass rows.  I am excited to expand the diversity of my Jungle.

 I am hopeful for 10 games this year and 10 battle reports!
WAAAAGH GorGak! is on the war path and pushing further into an imperial held system....
Excitement!   Battle!   Loot!

Thanks for reading!
Marry Christmas! 

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