Thursday, 4 December 2014

More Ork Boys. Picture added 12/05/2014

Getting back into the swing of things. I have 15 more ork boys up to the 8 color level and 15 more all "Skinned up" and ready for "clothing" We've had some outdoor critter issues around the homestead and I have to get it sorted out.
I expect it to take a dew days. So I will be working through the weekend as I can.
Household 6 has set this a our priority. (and rightly so.)
Our Home Blog! And all the gory details.
Not to worry I am only 25 models off from the first hundred. Reaching that number way my goal for the week but I am sure I can get them sorted out by Sunday, sooner if I am lucky!

Where's waldo...

And some last notes for this week.
Sloppy painting!
I've noticed some of my painting looking sloppy. Mostly and so far only where the skin of these boys is concerned. My Jade green has been just off this week. I guess I have felt rushed, so many Orks so little time! So last night I spent the evening with the Foul Green, the lightest color used in the Ork skin. I went back over these lase 15 Ork Boys I mentioned above touching up their muscles ans layering up the ..Over brushed areas.
(Left) Before. (Right) After.
 They look so much better now.
I do play to recheck all the Orks before I am done but I have been reading about sloppy painters and bad or maybe underwhelming paint jobs and it's really got me focused on doing my beastly best.
I think some painters or ?studios? forget that it's their name and reputation on every project.
While I'm only a studio of one I am trying to remember to do my best.

Thanks for reading. More Madness again Next week.

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