Sunday, 9 August 2015

Last weekends games. (Space wolves rule! part one of two)

I was fortunate to play two games last weekend.
No pictures for the first game, sorry.

Game one Space Wolves vs Orks.
We decided to play a 1500 point games and I took my wolves up to play.
The Ork player wanted me to bring my Orks up but I've been in a mood lately and wanted a game I could manage and bring out an army I had at that point not played in nearly 2 years.
(Ork Vs Orks is an all day event if done well.)
His list was much as I had expected. a 30 strong mob of shoot boys, 30 slugga boys 2 deff dreds 2 pain boys 3 MANZ the Mad Dok and Gazghkull. Just a hammer when it hits.

My list was.
3 packs of blood claws with pack leaders each with two wolf claws, 6 models strong and in droppods
One pack had a power fist.
7 grey hunters with a flamer and a power axe in droppod.
2 Land speeder typhoons 2 land speeder tornado.
6 long fangs. 4 heavy bolters 1 lasscannon.
1 LvL 2 rune priest in TDA
1LvL 1 rune priest in runic armour
4 TDA Wolf Guard with wolf claws and combi plasma.
Lastly, 6 or 7 sky claws one with a power sword.

Lots of deep striking units.

Now, the Ork player isn't really one for difficult missions so we set up across from each other and played for kill points. this went on for 4 turns and he called the game. points, a tie? 1 to 1 I may have had one more then him with linebraker but  didn't look to see as we simply ended the game.

I deployed first he deployed after me, it was night fight which helped his more then it did me.
I had deployed my long fangs in some ruins to my right side just off center with my sky claws deployed to my left about 18" from the Long Fangs.
He deployed in blocks one in front of the long fangs and the other to the left of the first out of sight of my Long fangs.
My first turn brought in two of the four droppods. grey hunters landed in range to shoot his shoota boys who were his left most unit behind a ruin and in a ruin. my blood claws tried to land more in front of his slugga boys but drifted back to my side of the ruins, toward my Long fangs.
My sky Claws jumped off to my left and then ran more in that direction.beyond a building.
(Bait for his Deff Dreds...Which he took.)
His shooting was really good. he did 7 wounds to my grey hunters killing 5 of them!!!!!
(Russ's teeth!)
His Deff Dreds moved way out to his right (around that building I mentioned ...) And ran! His Sluggas moved up! failed his charge on turn on, but not by a lot. Or he made it..Can't remember we did end up in a large game long combat.
My next two Droppods land one drifts way back to my Long Fangs! way out of range the other lands behind his slugga boys, so me must have been in combat at that point.
AH! we were! Now I remember. His boys charged my blood claws! my Pack leader issued a challenge. he accepted it with his power claw nob..I inflict one unsaved wound and waited to die!!!
The Nob missed all but one and the fails to wound! (Russ is pleased with the pack!)
The next turn the pack leader would kill the Nob! My speeders arrive as well. some pot shots are taken at the shoota boys mob hardly worth note. My sky claws jump back toward my long dangs and the action. Having drawn the Deff Dreds out of action (Way away from the battle!)
My shooting starts to kill and wound his mega nobs. I loose all the blood claws except for the insane pack leader who had slain the nob! The heroic pack leader is killed the next turn as the combat continues. His shoota boys try to kill my wolf guard but fail. Gazghkull and his Nobs try to assault my wolf guard out over watch kills the closest nob who had been wounded earlier. the charge is now a failed attempt! ( To be fair those Mega nobs took a beating and passes loads of saves and Feel no Pain rolls.) He shoota boys also attempt the charge but need to roll 11 or 12 and fail, they were well away from the wolf guard. My Marines on the Ground now attempt to charge his slugga boys! my sky claws fail with a horribly low roll! my blood claws make it in my wolf guard make it in !
We issue a challenge but his pain boy shrinks away  With all my shooting His Mega nobs are now killed, his spirit braking...
Combat sees him loosing  lots of boys but not running and on his turn his shoota boys also charge in.
Gaz Never makes combat. My opponent had earned first blood but I wiped out his MANZ and his slugga boys were next And it's turn 4 his mind is wandering he's board and we call it. We'll play again in a year, it took us about a year to play this game, I had to start to get to know him and I do hope he learns more of the rules and how to count his dice and is more attentive in our next game.
I think win lose or draw the next time will be a lot more fun for me, if he can put in just a little more "work".  Oh well, at least I got to roll some dice!

Thanks for reading. I know it was not as fun as some of the other reports I've posted.
But if you've got through it, I hope it was a little entertaining.
Part two next week, with pictures!
(Yes that means I plan to post twice next week!)

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