Saturday, 29 August 2015

A slow weeks progress.

Not a lot done this week. Two more bosses and some war paint.I did paint some killa kan weapons and still have to figure out the killa kan scrap launchers. At the end of the week I ma still base coating some black orks and biker rider orks. Sorting out the mega nobs still and looking at another 20 WFB boys on round bases with now arms. More on those when I get to them. I'm not sure what they're all about yet. I think after those that leaves the big guns and two land raiders to sort out. it's coming together. Ah, and can't forget all the spray sealing and bases.
Here are some pictures!

Thanks for reading!
A hurricane may possibly to hit Florida ( very likely) and that may cause some extra and untimely delays in this project. We're hoping for the best. I'll update the blog with either another project update or a note if and when I am able. ( A power outage is very likely if the weather is bad for too long and with that goes "das interwevbs" ) 

Thanks again for reading!
More mayhem to come!

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  1. Man the orks are looking menacing. The hand painted symbols on the armor is a nice touch. Keep it up and never let your paint brush dry.