Friday, 11 September 2015

No clever opening line today.
Things are still moving along I've had a bunch of things that needed to get done around the house this week so again progress has been slow. That said I have been working on the wfb black orks on round bases and the biker/boar riders as much as I have been able to this week.
I ordered an upgrade kit for one of my airbrushes. It's a larger needle and cone kit. My Iwat is a .35 and I want to move it up to a .5 needle. Why is this important? I don't know for sure that this will solve my airbrush issue, which is that the spray sealer and spray primer clog up my airbrush at the rear of the paint cup. But my thought are that having a larger needle size will allow for more spray between cleaning. To put this into some context spray sealing models with an airbrush seems more like it was meant to do in small batches maybe 5 to 10 or so models. I don't use caned sealers because of humidity which can cause a lot of problems. I'm hoping to be able to seal 20 or 30 models in one "round" and then clean my brush and repeat. Having to stop what your doing constantly is a problem.

Sean, I hope the war paint is to your liking Before it's all over I will put some of it on the lowly Ork foot soldiers. ( cause heck why not!)

Picture time.

The end of this week has had a lot of progress. 22 orc boys well along their way! I've scrounged up arms and bitz for them. They should be "done" next week. 
I've pulled out the last models and am planning out how to paint them. So as always more to come.

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