Friday, 18 September 2015

The Beast is back!

Yes, Yes I know good news! Good news indeed. But what is this beast any way?
In my last post (?) I mentioned an upgrade set for my Iwata Eclipse. Well it arrived today and is working very well! In fact I was able to spray seal around 200 orks today and only had to do two flush cleanings. Once after an hour, Before a short brake and again after a second hour!
Some may say I'm crazy and everything was working better because it was cooler. And who knows! I'm sure it helped. bit not having to stop every few models and clean drying sealer from the airbrush. I'll take it! (End of Thursday.)
Not a lot of painting this week. 22 orc models waiting for arms and bitz from the bitz box.
Rounded up the big guns and the few that need to be built still. So things are going on just slowly.
Here's a few pictures of the current 22 Orcs i'm working on.

I've primed a bunch of arms and bitz for these guys! 

I plan to work off and on this weekend and the rest of the month I am hopeful to finish this project!
More to come!

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