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WAAAGH Gor Gak!!! Vs. Dark Angels ( Raven wing/Death Wing) 3000 points

And so it was... The universe unclogged and spewed forth WAAAGH GorGak into imperial space.  
The first imperial held world was defended by the Dark Angels, to whom it was said goes all glory.

On the frozen field a shrine could be found. Holy and sacred. Of such importance to this world that when the path of the rampaging WAAAGH was determined to be near it, the aid of the Dark Angels was begged!  Those chosen defenders made hast to engage the WAAAGH in battle and lead it away from the holy site.

Calamity and destruction ensued. 

We played big guns never tire, with three objectives. we deployed cross corners.
The Dark Angels set up first and then went first. The mighty WAAAAAAAGH! GorGak failing to seize initiate.
No night fight rules.

My opponent set up his bike squads with his support squadrons behind them his scout moves brought them forward just a bit to screen his support squadrons. he had a Deathwing strike force in reserves. 

I deployed all 6 trukks as far forward as I could with my Bikers to my right and my green tide in back. I stuck in the war trakks in terrain. 

Failing to take first turn, the bikers and attack bikes scooted forward just a bit but out of assault range. his shooting imobilized one trukk and three more exploded or were glanced to death. two Bully boys mobs were left on foot as well as 1 mob of tank bustas and the mega armoured warboss with 10 boys. 

On my turn.
the last two trukks moved up as far and fast as they could. the bikers moved up and having jinked in the earlier turn snap shot at an attack bike squad. all the mobs on foot moved up and some of the war trakks repossessioned as well. ( needed to get into better range.)
My bikers assaulted and wiped out the two attack bikes. we consolidated, badly.

His turn.
his deathwing chose to land. two squads of 10 on has baliel and a librarian 
His shooting pops the last two trukks. Kills all but the biker boss. ( nothing else of note)

My remaining tank bustas well forward of my army and a few inches of his move forward to an opening.( to get to his speeder support squadron.) the biker boss moves up next to them.
The MegaBoss and boys move up a mere two inches from his attack bikes. some bully boys are next to them.
the rest of the army shuffles forward. my assaults destroy the speeder support squadron and the attack bikes as well. ( the bikes were on my left side the support squadron on my right and forward center of his deployment zone.)

His turn.
He begins to back up his bikes and collapse to rebuild his line.His shooting wipes out the Biker Boss and leaves a fleeing tank bista. On my left he shoots down all the boys with the MegaBoss. Over all I can't remember him doing much else. he's in panic mode. The MANZ making so many saves. 

In my turn.
the bully boys on my left move up and are joined by the mega boss, they will launch an assault on the master of the ravenwing. ( Speeder type) The wartrakks shoot at his support squadron taking one out, my second unit of tank bustas have moved up and taken another speeder down. the tide has shifted to my right and is pushing forward toward his death wing unit. a squad of bully boys has made it close enough to assault that same deathwing unit. the bully boys wipe out about half and are all killed in the process.
( power fists) 

His turn his death wing survivors move toward my Green tide ( it's turn 4) his other few squads try to sit on objectives and shoot my forward most units. he assaults the tide, he knows I'm coming and is "trying to speed up the game" I( call it suicide by ork.)

My turn. My wartrakks move up to keep shooting his support squadron and wipe it out. The bully boys and mega boss and another, the last, unit of bully boys assault his last 3 bikers near them. i'm trying to sling shot my units toward his objective. ( he has two units sitting on it and has more or less left the other unguarded. ( playing for a draw? or something silly like that)
The green tide is eating his deathwing)

His turn he moves up the deathwing to slay my mega boss and consolidates back toward his objective.
(Ah, now I remember) His attack bikes move off the furthest objective to try to shoot my bully boys ( last mob, nearest the mega boss) 

My turn the green tide ,having won combat the last turn moved up again into far assault range threatening more of his attack bikes. My wartrakks rush forward to contest his well guarded objective and grab his far and unguarded objective.
And the game is called. I don't bother to try my assaults with the tide. 

Final score 10 to 1
Dark Angels - first blood 1 point
WAAAGH GorGak!!! - line braker, slay the warlord, 2 objectives(3 points each) and 2 killed heavy supports 10 points.

I have to look at the pictures I took. I'm not sure how they turned out. my opponent reminded me during my first turn about pictures.

Thanks for reading.
Turn two - Deathwing arrive and shoot the war bikers mob down to the wounded warboss.

The tank Bustas and the bully boys move up the board.
Far ahead of them is a trukk full of tank bustas.

The Green tide sloggs up the board.

My opponent is removing some slain attack bikes?

The bully boys hide out by their destroyed vehicle ( Wrecked)
Ready to launch their assault!
The Deathwing try to decide how best to deal with the War Bikers.

The master of the Ravenwing hides out behind a biker.

The Deathwing have dumped all their fire power into the war bikers

On the left, the Mega Boss and lads have destroyed the attack bikes, The bully boys got a free show!
More bully boys trudge up the field.

Near the end of the game.
The surviving Deathwing confront the green tide, some kind of delaying action?

The mega Boss joins the bully boys after his little mob of trukka boys is gunned down.
They will assault and destroy the Master of the raven wing.

Attack bike squads hole an objective
His forces hold two objectives at this point.

An immobilized trukk hold the Ork objective, a dedicated transport.

With the orks still approaching the attack bike squadrons move forward off of their objective to delay the Green tide.

The bully boys move into position to assault the Deathwing survivors from the previous combat. The mega Boss and his bully boys had been slain but took had the Deathwing with them.
The war trakk rolls up to contest the Dark Angels well guarded objective.

Yet another sneaky war trakk rumbles past the attack bikes to take the second Dark Angels objective!

Same as above.

Ork objective held by a War trukk.

Thanks for reading this battle report.
I am glad to share my wins and losses.
The best parts of this last game would be that the game wad won with a total of 105 points in the form of 3 AV 10 vehicles. 

Here is the list I used.

Green tide.
10 Big shootas, 5 Nobs, 5 power klaws, Warboss, power klaw, combi scortcha

Bully boys in trukks with planks (3 mobs of 5 in trukks)

CAD grot mobs 2 at starting strength.
Biker boss with power klaw and Da lucky shtick
Pain boy on warbike

Tank bustas 5 in trukk
Tank bustas 5 in trukk
War bikers 14 + 1 nob with power Klaw
1 War trakk
1 War trakk

Warboss in Mega armour ( he rides with the trukka boys)
Pain boy

Trukk boys mob (10 boys in trukk)
Grot mob starting strength
Grot mob starting strength

1 War trakk 
1 War trakk
1 War trakk 

That's the list. I am going to go over it again this evening. Games tomorrow! 

So the plan is to set up and drive all the trukks as far and as fast as I can toward the other side of the board. The green tide moves forward and shoots one small squad or vehicle at a time.
the trakks move around to get objectives while he's bottled up and the "Bike star" goes in as well to smash things up. ( I am not a fan of the word bike star.) 
It's strange not having any KFF's this time around.

the pain boy and the weird boy buff the green tide. I don't have any expectations on the weird boy doing much of anything other than that.  The Warboss in the Green tide is the warlord. 
I'm thinking about pushing some of the grot mobs out in front of the tide for a screen. 

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