Friday, 25 September 2015

"Every bodies workin' through da weekend!"

Deff Koptas!

These needed the red cleaned up. But that's how it goes. The paint I'm using was bought for my deployment to Afghanistan so that was...2011 ish..
Basically it's stat a long time and needs to be mixed up again. 
These guys are looking good!

This has turned into the week of the Deff koptas!

It's Friday morning.

All the Deff Koptas are painted to this level so far.

It's a lot to take in.
And there's more to do. The drivers will get more time over the weekend and some washes will be put on the koptas too. and more rust spots.
These guys are a lot of work! but I really like how they are turning out.
So much to look at. So many contrasting colors to really make them pop!

Thanks for looking!

PS, despite my earlier optimism. this project will likely take till sometime in October.
What's left?
Arms and bitz for 22 Orc's, Mega Nobs, Big guns, and two Land raiders that I have to sort out. And Basses.
And I think that's it! 
I know it's been a very long journey and were all feeling the "are we there yet's'.
Soon, very soon!