Friday, 11 September 2015

So what else have I been up to?

So much has been going on.

Here's an extra weekend post just because.

This month has been dedicated to my space wolves when I have had the time. ( weekend mostly)
On that front I have rounded up models I set aside nearly a year face a year ago today. It feels wrong to not have a fully painted army.( 20 years on and what do I have to show for it ...right?)
The list has been small but ever painted model counts!
I'll be posting about them in the coming weeks.( Spoilers)

And lots of things around the homestad. We keep Chickens and that's actually more work than you'd think. I seem to be forever building something that the chickens require for there living space or what have you. it's not that it's a lot just that it takes some time to complete these tasks. But it's ok.

I paint every day I'm home. So I very nearly paint every day.
This current project is close to the end and for that I am glad. It's taken far longer than I thought it would but the results are very good. Makes the time is worth it,. Best to do it right after all!

Future plans? Why yes! yes, make mine a double!
My brain wont turn off! I've tried keeps on ticking!

Which brings me to project TAU.
This was an army I ended up with through a trade and is very close to done. It will be my next army to complete. And from there sell. (unless I don't.) But that's the plan. Sell off the blue skins.
What will I do with the proceeds? Humm. Several things, for one I'm interested in buying some solar equipment and maybe a black powder pistol. ( Not even related..) Or sit on it till next year and decise for sure about starting Dark Angels!  Which was my first army. I miss second edition.
But..that time has passed.

As always the larger plan is to keep painting. And then pain some more!
Thanks for reading this nonsense.

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