Monday, 14 December 2015

Age of orkmar.

This was a strange game. We didn't use points to build our armies. we were going to but he just got his codex and it would have been almost an hour for him to write his list, he still has a lot to read and learn. So. We AoS'ed it. (Age of Sigmar) 
We just picked units we wanted and set up.
My army was.
20 Shoota boys in evy' armour, a nob with power klaw and 2 big shootas in the mob with a KFF Big mek
15 Tank bustas with 1 power Klaw Nob and KFF Big mek
15 lootas led by a big mek in Mega armour with KFF
1 Gorkanaught
4 Killa kans led by a Deff Dread. ( counted as part of the unit of Kans)
5 War trakks big shootas
5 War trakks big shootas
war bikers 7 or 8 of them 1 nob with big choppa
10 Nobs in a battle wagon, 4 power Klaws 3 Big choppas 3 choppa slugga 1 WAAAGH Banner
with a pain boy and KFF Big mek with Kill saw and a Mek and warphead
1 Big mek in Mega Armour with KFF and Head Wappas' Kill choppa. ( War Lord)
1 SAG Big Mek, Joind the Loota Mob.
This is the Mek bosses "Scrap boys"
I have to run the points on that. 

My friend had 3 mobs of crisis suits with 7 or 8 in the mob and a character All manner of shooty deff... 
1 mob of pathfinders, actually he used the formation with the pathfinders, Speederfish, Stealth suits and floaty leader git.
And two Sky Ray Rockit tanks. And a Rip tide. And a unit of 12 Drones
So I have no Idea if it was a fair fight.

We looked at the missions and just set up on Long board edges 12" deployments
6 Objectives on the table Started with 3 card each and could have up to 3 in our hand a turn.

Sounds odd? Fair enough. It made for an interesting game to a point my Scrumgrod had no idea what his guys do/did and had to look up stats and what not a lot. It is to be expected. But is was a relaxed game that was determined by points scored.
He started to become Demoralized after my Nobs mob got stuck in and was killing his crisis suits two units of them got beat up real good and sent packing minus their milk moneys... But that's how it goes. I think we only played 4 turns in 4 hours... something like that. His stealth guys made a lot of cover saves and were always too far away to assault.
I didn't even register his skimmer.. No paint on it and it might have actually been invisible with out any paint so I missed the opportunity to shoot at it twice. It even killed 2 Killa Kans.. Finally dropped it with tank bustas in assault.
The Warphead was an MVP this time. he shot powers all over the plave made look out sir's and KFF saves! he was a beast! Nearly got me points of an objective card for manifesting powers! My out flanking War trakks gave him a fright but ultimately My rolls sucked and they achieved nothing... My Scrumgrods fishy fools did focus their fire as best they could trying to wipe out one unit at a time, my shoota boys were their target of choice but! that nob survived and ran off to score me objective nimer 5! it wasn't till nearly the end of the game that the cards gave either of us an objective token to claim. ( they do as they do..)
It was over all a nice back and forth of a game. we both rolled really well and really bad. I saw him drop two sixes one after the other to shut my warphead down! couldn't believe it. 
It may be a while before we play again but it was fun. I'll post pictures soon.
What you just read will likely be the battle report put on my blog.
Might have some more to add. Hope I can remember a but more worth mentioning. Ah, last thing final score 7 to 4 fishy boys win... And a good time was had by all.
Yes He won on points but I still feel the lads won the moral victory. He would have been hard pressed to win in another turn and likely tabled. Not that I would have won at that point the ending score was 7 to 4 tau Victory on Objective points scored. I misread and misplayed my Objective cards. I probably could have tied the game at best as was.
we had some memorable moments for sure, the Big Mek boss tanking a million wounds of his armoured hide was amazing! (He and his Nobs mob seemed most unkillable!) The whole AoS setup really was a less stress situation. The Lads gave a really good showing despite my poor shooting... which was worse than expected. 
I'm glad our game went so well, some times it felt like it was dragging out but that was mostly due to all the new fishy rules we had to look up more than anything else.  
Edited in
I just went through the pictures Should have them posted Monday morning some time. most of them seem pointless now but there are a few good ones.
Edited again, because I forgot a few things.
We skipped warlord traits, I skipped using the one I rolled... A number 2 from the Ork codex... Haven't got it memorized yet, give me a few more editions...

My Opponent also let me pick my Psyker powers. I had frazzle, Da Krunch and power puke. (is that what it's called?) Both of my wartrakk mobs out flanked, The first one to arrive ...Arrived behind his right side and tried to glance his sky ray to death. and failed...The second arrived on his Left side and started to work on chewin up a Suit squad, over two or three turns of fire. Very nearly got his warlord to fall back off the board. really close.
Pathfinders sit on a hill!

Pathfinders "spring to action"

The head fish guy looks on approvingly, from behind the hill.

Sneaky Stealth suits get ready to shred my right flank.

Crisis suits move ahead of the Tau army to help shred my right flank.

The on coming savages!

Crisis suits on the Taus right flank

The War bikkers Blitz up the board!
The Gorkanaut lumbers behind.

Mek Bosses Nobs mob and assorted boss mob after wiping out the center crisis suite squad.

The lootas are moving this game! All thanks to their Mega armoured Big Mek!

The Rip tide moved further away after watching his friends get beaten up over some lunch money...

Yep, here they come.

Tank bustas on the move!

Deff dred and killa Kans moving up the field.

Lootas plotting on some silly drones.

Shoota boys nob scampered off to score an objective!

War Trakks trying to chew over some fleeing path finders!

Action! Big mek and crew assaulting more "doomed" Crisis suits.

The rip tide fends off war trakks.

Mek Boss duels with the crisis commander.

Factory showroom Skyray!

Rip tide style

Far sight.

Gorkanaut moves to wipe out the pesky drones.


  1. Steve,

    That looked like a fun game. Never thought of AoS style list with no points. I will have to try that out sometime. I wanted to get a game in this month but that just does not look feasible. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. It was our first small scale game like this, when it's a whole collection it's a lot more balanced between forces. This was some where between 1500 and 1850ish, I think. The Mission was Key to winning or loosing. When we do it again I will max out all my units. The Kans, shoota boys and bikers were not full strength. While all of his units were maxed size. The other thing I may not have mentioned about my army is that All the big meks counted as unit upgrades so the only characters I counted as Independent were the Warp head and My Mek boss, who was my warlord. this "restriction" felt balanced. More so because I didn't pay any points for them. I think I would have added another troop unit too. So it's on the list for next time.
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. How do the Orknaughts work for you in your games. I did haven't invested in any money or point wise because they don't seem worth it.

    1. There's a learning curve. I like them but they have to hit the right target. Things that don't fight back are ideal. I had one destroy 3 leaman Russ battle tanks in one go. so many Power Klaw attacks against rear armour of a battle tank squadron. If it's out numbered it gets more attacks. But like Mega nobs never attack anything that will hurt you. Put some burna boys in there, it holds 3 models so 3 of them should be Meks. you have room for a big mek or just another burna or something like that. Keep what ever's in there cheap. Mine on bad day will last two turns at most on a good day all game. But they need cover and KFF Protection. Keep them moving and treat them like an ork, Ie assault at every opportunity.
      If they are going to be assaulted, Maybe you planed to have it assaulted. Put it in terrain to let it strike first. This mostly works on things that loose initiative when charging into terrain. Like Space Marine Dreadnoughts. It's AV 13 front so lots of things will struggle with it for a turn or two. Just have a unit or two to help it so it doesn't get swamped or bogged down for too long. The most I've used is two in a game. But I own 4 of them. It doesn't have to do a bunch during a game so much as hang around and look menacing. Other players might try to avoid it thinking it is way meaner than it really is. So it's got that going for it. When I can I try for a joint assault wth it, it's base is so big it's not unreasonable to assault a squad and a vehicle. destroy the vehicle and tie up the unit.
      About shooting with it. It's not overly good or bad. It's fun to roll it up but not fantastic. I like to have a 3 to 1 advantage so I shoot as much as I can to soften up targets before I assault.
      An Orks gotta do what an Orks gatta do.