Sunday, 20 December 2015

The art of the Ork (part 6)

Nob on 25 mm base.

Nobs on 32 mm bases.

Nobs to count as Flash Gitz.

Last of the new MANZ. 1 of 3 more of them later.

All the kool Kids.

Head swapped. Looks meaner now. 

Nobs with checks


  1. Steve,

    The Orks are looking wicked. I really like the sawblade Nob. I figured you would have taken a break from Orks for a while. Keep it up man. I will call you tomorrow to discuss the next project: TAU if you are up for it lets get r done.

    Keep on painting and get some NEW YEAR HOBBY GOALS up. Keep a look out I will be posting mine soon.

    1. Sean,

      Green is Best.
      We can talk about the Tau after New Years.
      I have a few new years Hobby Goals,..Who says I don't...
      If I haven't mentioned it elsewhere on my blog then it will be a little surprise when I post about it.