Saturday, 19 December 2015

Some more thoughts on "Age of Orkmar"

So it hits me this morning.If were not going to use points and deciding what's fair why not set up our own units. Hear me out on this. I'd like to add grots to my Ork mobs. But to a limited amount.What are they for? to soak up unsaved wounds! So how does it work? Well, they stand in front of the boys and...get shot... well, it's a bit more to it than that..Not much more but it's a grots life after all.
Ok, so here it is. A mob of orks can add up to 10 grot to their mob to be ablative wounds. But it's planned out as a mixed save unit so as long as the grots are closer than the Orks to any shooting unit they they go first., Don't worry about the saves. Down side? As they are simply part of the unit they count towards number of models in a unit toward morale checks. Not sure how this works when the Mob rule is applied yet. Still working that out.

So an example of a Age of orkmar Mob would be 20 shoota boys in Evy' Armour with 2 big shootas a Boss Nob with a Boss Pole and combi-scorcha and 10 grot soakers.
We've decided that some current HQ's should be squad upgrades. The pain Boy and the Big mek.
I might go so far as to include the Weirdboy.(LvL 1 )
They Loose their Independent character status and count as another model in a mob, on top of the max number of models in a mob, Ie 30+ the new models for example.
Being characters bound to a unit they only get a 4+ Look out sir roll.
Lastly I'd like to change the number of Special weapons in the mobs. Boys mobs could take 2 big shootas for every 10 Models. This seems reasonable to me. Remember the other player is choosing units in the same manner. I feel for orks this is "fluffy". Strong but not tricked out with special rules, Durable and offensive but still just Orks. And one very large very high strength very large blast marker...And they're all gone.

The grots wouldn't have many limitations as far as which mobs could add them in. probable not overly fitting to add to a Nobs mob, might set the cap at 5 or 6 for a Nobs mob. but regardless every mob using that option must have more Orks in it than Grots.

A little too strange? 

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