Saturday, 24 January 2015

Deff Koptas!!! ( and it's about time!)

I started Monday off with some primer and some assembly ( no in that order...)
The art table is working out very well. All Deff Koptas assembled and primed.

Not quite done yet, I still have jackets and hats that need some color.
And this stage of their wip will be complete for now. I still want to pick out more details on them and need to clean them up a bit. I feel like my Bloody red wasn't coming out correctly. That will get a touch up as well.

I enjoyed our call this week. I got your email. Nice choice on the...Spoilers... They'll do nicely!
So I guess next week the lootas and Killa Kans will get some assembly and I'm also going to start building the Stompa! Things feel like they are moving along at a good pace now. I also forgot to mention I got the Christmas card! Thank you.

Next weeks post should be crammed full of crazy.
Loads still to do!
Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Steve, its coming along great man. The greens and red really seem to match up with my original scheme. Your painting table is awesome and very large. U have painters envy right now. Hopefully in a few years I will have my own hobby area that I have always wanted. For now its TV trays and closets.