Friday, 9 January 2015

Work Work Work.

The holidays have come and gone, they were a lot of fun if not relaxing. Last weekend more or less ended the season. This week I am again Neck deep in the Orks. Still working on infantry sized models. Numerous and belligerent. Not going to bother with the numbers or this or that aside from the over all number of models on the table right now. 40 models all Ork boys.

Still moving along and more to do. Next up is a pile of Ork Nobs. and those will take as long as they take.Not too long though I think.
And Let me say I am supper ready to get into..not infantry sized models for a while.
So Deff Koptas are after the Nobs. The I'll get back into ....well I'll decide that in a few weeks.
I hope this project isn't taking too long. I can't tell. Again the over all plan is to paint all the unpainted and "new" models before touching or touching up any of the models that arrived painted. This is still the difficult portion of the project due to the amount of painting that is being done. So maybe time consuming would have been a better description then difficult.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Steve, the orks are coming along great. I like your layering technique it is matching quite well it seems with my original scheme. Don't worry about the time I am in no rush I don't have time to play right now any how. It will be cool to see the Nobs and Deffkoptas painted up. Have you been able to mess around with the wet mud technique for the bases. When you do those if you would be able to do a how to that would be cool. Several years ago I tried my hand at water effects with not good results but I am going to try my hand at it again in a few months on some of my tyranids. I want to have a lector coming out of the water rising up behind some space marine scouts with the water dripping off the lictor.

    1. As always I'm very glad you like the mini's and the progress. I'm planing a brake next month to do a few things for myself. Until then I'm trying to keep up a happy rate of progress. I have not spent any time recently looking at how to do the muddy bases. Although a friend of mine found a few products that might do the trick. I will post a tutorial when I work it all out. For water effects i use realistic water , this can be bought at hobby lobby. I think this year is off to a good start!