Sunday, 8 March 2015

Deff Dred number 3 ( Third plastic Deff Dred. wip)

The art of the ork. Lootin space!


  1. That magenta is looking real nice with the dark red and the rusts. Do you do that for al your glowing?

  2. Ya, this time around I am. After all those Necrons I had my fill of Green Glow, which might have looked as good (or more so?) But the way I am painting these is kinda lazy. I'm not really even done with these models at this stage. I do plan to go back with my airbrush and spray the magenta over those spots again. It will really pop then. These neon type colors are a huge boon. they save a lot of time and effort. Not the same as an OSL, like you have done. more like they create an ambient light when done "well" as well as a bit of glow.